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Zac Land

Zac Colley's personal home page


Here are some things I've made over the years that are fairly interesting.

  1. Sims 4: Loading Screen Override Mod Overrides and replaces the default loading screen
  2. Sims 4: Greggs Stuff Pack An unofficial mod pack for the Sims 4
  3. Timer Town A timer for pair programming
  4. Please Caption Bot A accessibility Mastodon bot that reminds you to caption your posts' images and videos
  5. random color contrasts A Mastodon bot that grabs color contrast combos from: ''
  6. GitHub Glitch button Adds a button on public GitHub repos next to clone that let's you import into Glitch with one click
  7. orla kiely flowers A p5.js recreation of Orla Keily's art.
  8. shitty goosebumps books bot a shitty goosebumps book randomly generated every so often
  9. rotate How to handle websites between landscape and portrait modes on mobile
  10. catmode Depeche Mode cat e-card for my Mom mad with my bro.
  11. Hamiltonian path bot A bot that generates Hamiltonian path GIFs
  12. softdongs Tool to make your own packer. Made at Sex Tech Hack 2 with Cam, Kara and Guy.
  13. food flood A small food colour filling game
  14. sockbot A bot that spits out socks every hour.
  15. clicky-line Wiggly line drawing art tool.
  16. "I'm just waiting for a mate" game A choose your own adventure game that (ab)uses push notifications.
  17. micro:clicker Use the BBC micro:bit as a slide clicker.
  18. now playing printer Print out the album art music you're currently listening to on a receipt printer.
  19. Unofficial Songkick PWA An experimental and unofficial progressive web app for Songkick.
  20. Songkick Spotify Previews Add 30 second Spotify previews to Songkick.
  21. letterboxd on npm Get the public diary data for Letterboxd users.
  22. Animal Crossing Birthday Card Fun little birthday card for my Nan.
  23. ROSE Digital Front-end and design at ROSE Digital.
  24. Online Jerma birthday card generator made with my bro
  25. hackpompey Portsmouth based hackday, ran 5 before handing over.
  26. UPRacing's website Site for a Formula Student team I was part of.